Our Alumni

  • Subramanian Viswanathan
  • Kuljit Chadha
Harness is an ed-tech start-up that has developed a product called Unio - a real-time collaboration and education delivery platform targeted at diverse learning settings like schools, universities and corporate classrooms. Leveraging on live networking of devices, Unio provides a powerful and shared white¬board as the basic canvas for knowledge dissemination and provides innovative peda¬gogies around it, like live monitoring of student devices, record-and-replay of classes, live quizzes, group work and lesson planning. In addition, powerful analytics inform the teacher about which students to focus on but also inform the management about the usage levels of teachers.
  • Greg Howe
  • Michael Howe
GroupMooc is a mobile-first Learning Management System (LMS) that helps organisations find and deploy innovative corporate training solutions based on free Mass Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from the best world universities. Our vision is to be the best and most cost effective solution in the LMS market, which is $2.5b in size and is growing by 25% annually to reach $7.8b by 2018.
  • Miłosz Cisowski
  • Adam Roszyk
All parents are challenged to make their children brush their teeth regularly and only a few succeed. FunBrush is a smart connected device that will be attached to any toothbrush to transform brushing into what children love the most - games. FunBrush will provide a long-term, interactive learning experience accessible from any mobile device to create awareness of the importance of brushing and entertain children with games based on fun and attractive characters. FunBrush will create communities of users that will be rewarded for their toothbrush experiences and further educated on hygiene and health issues such as sport and nutrition.
  • Ivan Ostrowicz
  • Benoit Praly
  • Bruno Praly
Domoscio helps people to remember what they learn. Domoscio’s algorithm determines for each learner a revision path to optimise their assimilation of knowledge and save time. Domoscio responds perfectly to the learners’ needs to optimise their learning time and to the needs of organisations to have their employees learn and apply a huge number of facts and instructions. Domoscio partners with the main education and training stakeholders (publishers, education and training organisms, and software editors).
  • Oscar Ruiz
  • Mercè Mulet
Atta assesses and improves team working. Thanks to psycho-pedagogical research, they know what people must do in order to effectively work in groups, which are the interactions between teammates leading to the goal accomplishment. So we have developed the first gamified, social and mobile app making people become great team workers, where users - teachers, coaches or individuals – will invite students, employees or friends to join and team up to solve their common challenge. Atta automatically rates the quality of teaming and provides personalised instructions to improve.
  • Helen Walsh
  • Isobel Demangeat
  • Julie Anne Verbeelen
ThinkWithThings offers several products to its customers targeting an initial market of educators and parents of children 3-6. On the one hand, it offers a responsive application combining real world things and technology to foster creative thinking and ultimately improving learning outcomes. Secondly, they offer a concept that is simple, fun and organic and puts a real focus on the process of learning. It uses carefully selected everyday objects currently in the user’s surroundings and combines them with open-ended questions and tasks. Finally, ThinkWithThings also offers content that is built by the community of educators using the platform, creating an up-to-date library and a peer-to-peer learning space.
Klass Data
  • Tomas Martinez
  • Enrique Navas
  • Oscar Ruesga
Klass Data is an open and intelligent platform that analyses data of how students learn from multiple sources and provides actionable dashboards to teachers, students and managers of educational or training institutions to improve learning outcomes. Data privacy is guaranteed by encrypted student identification. These dashboards deliver metrics aligned with best educational practices, plus meaningful insights like which students are at risk of lagging behind or which of them are not going to be motivated because the educational content is not challenging enough as well as assesment on which content is better for the whole class or for each one of the students according to their individual profiles.